71-83 Beach Street, HARRINGTON, NSW 2427 Phone: (02) 6556 1250


The following guidelines are for your safety and comfort as well as our other guest. Please read them carefully.

  1. RECEPTION HOURS: 9am – 5pm 7 days including public holidays (except Christmas Day).
  2. CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT: Site fees are calculated until 10am on the day of departure.
    Cabin check in 2pm – Check out 10am
    Sites check in 11am – Check out 10am
  3. SITES & FEES: All fees are to be paid in full upon arrival. NO refunds. Extra person charges may apply. Only 1 vehicle per cabin/site allowed.
  4. BOOKINGS: Security – A credit card must be produced in the name of the person staying at the park on check in. Any damage caused by your guests during your stay may be charged against your card.
  5. SPEED LIMIT: The speed limit in the park is 8km/h which is walking pace and applies to the entire park, if you exceed this it will be brought to your attention. If you exceed this again you will be asked to leave the park. All roads within the park are shared by pedestrians and motorists.
  6. CARAVANS AND TRAILERS: All vans and trailers must be placed onto the site so the drawbar is facing the road or access so immediate removal can be undertaken in case of an emergency.
  7. CHILDREN: Guests are responsible for their own children at all times. Children under 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult when using the amenities, camp kitchen and pool areas. Management takes NO responsibility for children unsupervised within the park.
  8. BUNK BEDS: Australian Standards relate to the use of bunk beds and state that:” Children under the age of 9 years are not recommended to use the top bunk. Also, children must not play on the top bunk.”
  9. POOL AREA: Open approx. 8am – Dusk. Children under 12 years of age MUST be accompanied by a responsible ADULT (NOT an older sibling) in the swimming pool area. NO glass, alcohol or food items are to be brought into the pool area. The pool is for the use of guests only. Visitors of guests must pay a fee of $5 per person. Appropriate swimwear MUST be worn. NO diving, bombing or running. Management takes NO responsibility for children who are unsupervised.
  10. CAMP KITCHEN: Please clean barbecue after use. Please clean tables, benches, appliances and equipment after use and leave tidy for the next guests.
  11. BICYCLES/SCOOTERS ETC: Riding of bike/scooter etc. is allowed during daylight hours ONLY and on roadways ONLY (not across sites or on footpaths, grass areas, gardens, and around the amenities block). Bicycles must be ridden on the roads within the park at the speed limit of maximum of 8km/h. Helmets must be worn.
  12. AMENITIES: Children under 12 years of age MUST be accompanied by an adult. Hand basins and laundry tubs are NOT to be used to bath children, clean fish or wash dishes. The family bathroom is available for use for families with young children. Please see reception for the key. This area is to be left clean & tidy for other guests to use.
  13. LAUNDRY: Laundry equipment MUST be left clean after use. $1.00 coins are needed for use ($4.00 per load). NO children, fish cleaning, cooking utensils, dinnerware, boots etc to be washed in laundry sinks. Please report machine breakdowns to management as soon as possible.
  14. QUIET TIME: All loud noise MUST cease from 10.00pm till 8am. NO noise after midnight. Use of generators is not permitted. Undue noise and inconsiderate behaviour in any form is NOT permitted. Abusive language or excessive noise will NOT be tolerated at any time.
  15. SPECIAL REQUESTS: Are on request basis only and are not guaranteed at the time of booking.
  16. GARBAGE: Garbage bins are provided in the bin compound near the boom gate. Please assist us by wrapping all garbage prior to its disposal and flattening boxes, carton etc. Please place ONLY recyclable materials into the recycling bins.
  17. ANIMALS: We offer Pet Friendly Sites subject to pet rules being followed and pets being socialized. Pets are NOT allowed in or around cabins including verandas. Visitors to guests are not to bring pets into the park without prior permission from management. Holes dug by pets must be filled in. Dogs must be on a leash & cleaned up after.
  18. VISITORS: All visitors to report to reception before entering the park. ALL guests and visitors must comply with park rules. Patrons are reminded that they are responsible for their children’s and visitors’ observance of the park rules.
  19. FIRES: Fires are not permitted within the park.
  20. BOATS: Washing of boats/motors is not permitted in the park, there are facilities to wash boats at the boat ramps. Boat parking is not permitted anywhere other than your site/cabin, if the boat does not fit on your site or on allocated parking for your cabin, the excess vehicle/boat will have to park on the street.
  21. FISH CLEANING: Is not permitted in the park. Please clean and scale your fish at the fish tables located at the break wall, jetty at Harrington Hotel or boat ramps.
  22. CARE: Care must be taken for your possessions. Your property (including your motor vehicle) is your responsibility. Management takes NO responsibility for theft or damage. NO refunds or reimbursements for loss or damage will be given.
  23. INTOXICATION/UNLAWFUL ACTS: Excessive use of alcohol is an unacceptable condition of stay. Violence, use of illegal drugs, theft, vandalism and abuse (physical or verbal) will NOT be tolerated. Please understand it will be our duty to notify the police and will result in the termination of your stay. The amenities & pool area is an alcohol-free zone.
  24. We reserve the right to evict guests from the park who are deemed by management to be: *Behaving in a socially unacceptable way *Causing damage *Disturbing other guests *Using unacceptable language *Breaking the Park Conditions of Stay *Having extra persons on any site that were not declared at check in. NO refund will be given and charges will apply for any damage caused.
  25. EVACUATION PROCEDURE: Displayed in reception, laundry, camp kitchen and cabins.
  26. SMOKING (Smoke Free Act 2000) – Smoking is prohibited in cabins, buildings and communal areas. A $200 fee will be applied to your credit card with failure to comply with this NO SMOKING policy.