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Travel Advisory for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What is Oxley Anchorage Caravan Park doing to reduce the risk of COVID-19?

26th March 2020

Have a Current Booking?
Due to the temporary closure of Oxley Anchorage Caravan Park, if you have a booking from 26th March 2020 until the end of April 2020 (and possibly ongoing), please contact the park directly to discuss your options.
While the situation is out of our hands, we are deeply sorry that your holiday plans have been inconvenienced in this way.
However it is for the greater good, that we are proactive in following the directions of the government.

Future Bookings
You are still welcome to make a booking for later in the year and beyond.  It would help us enormously if you did and would be a great thing to look forward to.

The following is an excerpt of the NSW Government direction.

The NSW Minister for Health and Medical Research, The Hon. Brad Hazzard, MP, has now confirmed the NSW position and made an Order under the Public Health Act 2010 which now bans mass gatherings, places restrictions on other gatherings and requires the closure of caravan parks and camping grounds:
Excerpts from the Public Health (COVID-19 Gatherings) Order (No 2) 2020:
7 Directions of the Minister 
(1) The Minister directs that the following must not be open to members of the public except as provided in this clause—
(n) caravan parks and camping grounds, except for purposes of—
(i) accommodating permanent residents of the caravan park or camping ground or other persons who have no other place of permanent residence, and
(ii) allowing visitors to visit persons referred to in subparagraph (I)
Therefore, from midnight tonight caravan parks and camping grounds in NSW must not be open to the public except permanent residents and their visitors and people who have no other place of permanent residence and their visitors.